A Bit of Personal Space.

mapping a space

A Bit of Personal Space is open to public submissions––in fact, we heavily encourage it. if you'd like to submit your own space for public archival, you will need two tools:

  • a device with a LiDAR sensor, i.e. any of iPhone 12 Pro / Pro Max, iPhone 13 Pro / Pro Max, iPad Pro 2020 / 2021 / 2022 (or later).
  • the Polycam app for performing the scan.

you may also attempt to use Polycam with the photo scanning mode, available on any platform which the Polycam app allows. however, your mileage may vary, and all of the scans currently on the website were done with LiDAR.

1) scan your space

begin by opening up the Polycam app and accessing the scan interface. using LiDAR mode, begin recording, and move the camera around a bit. you will begin to see the projected digital model of your real space. as you walk around and move the camera, the projection will reach new areas and gain definition. once you have your desired level of detail, and have reached all the areas you want included in your scan, end the recording. now, by processing the model, the point cloud will be converted into a model made of triangles, readable by traditional modeling softwares.

at this point, also remember to take a preview picture of the space you are scanning––you will need it to upload to our platform in step 3. do this with your phone's regular camera!

2) download your scan

you now need to download a .glb (Graphics Language Binary) representation of your scan, which packages together the scanned geometry and textures into a single compressed binary file. we recommend doing this by first clicking the little cloud icon in the Polycam app to upload the model to Polycam servers, and then downloading the .glb on your computer from Polycam's web platform.

3) upload your scan

the last step is to upload the room to A Bit of Personal Space. Go to the submission page and fill in the form with as much information about your space as you deem sharable. use the file upload fields to provide the .glb you downloaded previously, as well as the preview picture.

once you submit, your file will be uploaded to our servers, at which point we will review the space, add in physics collision boxes, and then release your space on A Bit of Personal Space. and thank you for participating!